DataZap has been designed to provide our customers with reliable image hosting at an affordable price. We not only provide a place to host your images, our service will also generate html for your auction listing, and (optionally) reduce the size of your images. We also provide unlimited storage space with no monthly bandwidth hosting limits. This makes DataZap great for online auction image hosting, blog image hosting, message boards, classified ads, websites, and more...

What our customers say about our service

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with Datazap. I think that it goes without saying that the storage capacity and ease of use is excellent but, what has really kept me with Datazap is the customer service. Any problem that may arise that I have had need to email you about, has been responded to in a very timely matter and with personal attention. Thank you! Faire Lady Designs

We think DataZap offers the best bang for the buck service on the internet. The cost is low the bandwidth is great as well as the storage provided. We run around 5,000 items in our store on ebay and recently started using the FTP service for images as well. Not once have we had to add storage of any kind. Thanks for the great service you offer and we are a loyal customer here, Dwight & Regina

I appreciate the prompt, friendly, and reliable service you provide. I'm glad to have DataZap as my image hosting provider ... you guys rock! :) Thank you, Lyda

Although I'm a "casual user" and don't do a whole lot of image-hosting, I have used Datazap for quite a while and honestly feel it's THE BEST value service; questions and issues are resolved quickly and in a friendly manner.

I highly reccommend this hosting-site to anyone for any reason, it's a wonderful place to do business! Best, Ruthann

Just read your newsletter, thanks for sending it out. I have been using Datazap for over a year, and absolutely love it. Your price is too cheap, your site is awesome, easy to use, very simple to use, I just can't say enough good things. My feedback would be, if you are doing upgrades, just don't complicate the site. I am absolutely astounded at how easy the site is to use, (I am fairly computer illiterate, but use one every day for my eBay biz). Your home page is simple but incredibly useful. I used to be on inkfrog, but the site was cumbersome, and at some times very hard to use. It is SOOO easy to upload my files (pics) onto datazap, and that is fantastic. And it is easy to remove my files as well. Just keep the simplicity, and everyone will be happy. I will continue to recommend you to anyone I know. Mike

I have been one of your customers for several years now. Your service is perfect and your customer service is wonderful. It ruly appreciate how quickly you get back to me any time I have a question. I wish you the best of luck with your new ventures. Kind Regards, Kimberly

Thank you so much—we are thrilled with the service you all provide!!! We could not be happier we found you all last year. Many thanks! Wendy

I just wanted to say, I've been using datazap for a long time and what I really love about it is how it does what it does really well, every time. David

Before I settled with Datazap, I'd tried a number of free hosting services. Datazap was the only one always stable and reliable and always accessible for my questions. My friends were having constant problems with their host services. Of course I stayed with the excellent service from the Zicks when they needed to continue it with a modest fee! And referred to all my friends who do auctions. Beth